Detect viruses and malware Endpoint Detection and Response

Real-time monitoring in just a few clicks. Look deep and don’t let complex malware throw you off course.

Endpoint protection without backdoors Protect your systems from malware

Defense against cyber attacks – Protection against malware – Secure e-mail communication – Policy management – Gateway security

Next Level Detection

Strengthen your IT security and build on the knowledge gained. In this way, you will not only be able to fend off known threats, but will also be able to detect new threat patterns.

Expand your field of vision

Eliminate hidden threats and free up your time with close monitoring. Your work is done for you and your IT security is raised to a new level.

Safe all around

Maintain an overview in just one platform and have analyses clearly presented. This saves you considerable time and effort while the performance of your systems is strengthened.

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Effective risk management requires continuous condition monitoring in combination with preventive measures as well as a data basis for forensic analyses.

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secured systems by Enginsight in the German midmarket and public sector
Schäfer Holding GmbH
Marcel Pasternak, Process Manager
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"Enginsight saved our TISAX certification."
Sömmerdaer Energieversorgung GmbH
Mario Haller, Administrator
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"In day-to-day business, there is always the risk that events or security vulnerabilities slip through because we in the IT department don't have the time to manually examine the systems in depth. With Enginsight, I have a traffic light that tells me: watch out, there's something there! And then I can take care of it. For me, Enginsight has therefore become a guidance system that helps me cross the street."
ISO Schmiede GmbH
Steven Löffler, External Auditor
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"Enginsight plays a major role in the implementation and continued operation of a management system. Enginsight's solution in the area of pentesting offers a target-oriented way of identifying weak points at an early stage and nipping corresponding dangers in the bud."
MVS Wilke
Klaus Wilke, Managing Director
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"Enginsight is simply the most personable solution for attack detection and defense. I was enthusiastic about it right from the start. Intuitive to use, resource-efficient through automations, and reportable in a management-ready manner, the software simply makes everyone happy: IT admins, business managers, and auditors. Love it."

This is where the magic starts Putting a stop to malware

Detect viruses and malware before it can do any damage. At the same time, you always have a full overview of what is happening on the servers and clients.

Deep Analytics Advanced anti-virus scan

Modern malware disguises its identity. Therefore, in-depth analysis of suspicious files and behavior-based observations extend the classic signature-based scan. This is how you stop even complex threats.

24/7 security All-round protection against malware

Enable real-time protection on all servers as well as clients with just a few clicks and have files scanned before execution. Complete examinations of their files and a mail plugin complete your monitoring.

Save time through efficiency Control center for IT security

Seamless integration with the Enginsight platform and alarm system not only increases convenience, but also saves a lot of time. Centrally configure your monitoring, control statuses and benefit from evaluation across the entire IT infrastructure.

Endpoint Security, Antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response,..​

Enginsight is the all-in-one cybersecurity platform from Germany that analyzes your security posture, detects threats and prevents attacks automatically – as SaaS and on-premises.

functions and solutions Endpoint Security Technical Details

Would you like to know a little more? Then you are exactly right here! Find out what Enginsight does for you in detail and completely automatically when it comes to endpoint security / EDR.

With G Data, Enginsight relies on the powerful engine of the leading German manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in the field of antivirus software for the detection of viruses. On all Windows servers and clients with Enginsight Pulsar agent installed, the anti-virus client can be added directly from the Enginsight platform in just a few steps.

  • attractive combination license with Enginsight Pulsar agent
  • quick and easy installation
  • Windows Clients and Server

In the Enginsight platform, all detected infections and actions can be tracked and a statistical evaluation is performed. Manual action can also be taken here, e.g. undoing a quarantine and treating logged infections. With an alarm, the respective responsible employee is informed about new malware found.

  • Central logging of all detections and actions
  • Perform manual countermeasures
  • Assign examination plans via tags
  • Status of all servers and clients

Defence combines real-time protection and regular scanning of all files on the server or client. Real-time monitoring scans each file as it is executed. Scan plans can be used to define targeted one-time or periodic scans of entire drives or critical areas from within the Enginsight platform.

  • Block malware on execution
  • Define regular virus scans for entire infrastructure
  • Logging of all activities and manual actions

Nowadays, simple signature-based scanning is no longer sufficient for detecting all malware. With sophisticated nesting, attackers manage to disguise their malware. That’s why Enginsight, together with G Data, is focusing on advanced detections that go beyond signature matching.

Deep analysis of suspicious files can reveal camouflages. Behavior-based detection technologies also enable typical patterns of cyberattacks to be uncovered regardless of the content of the malicious file. General observations of the system and targeted monitoring for preparations of a ransomware attack, for example, can also detect and stop new types of attacks.

  • Dual-Engine G Data & Bitdefender
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Detect nested malware

Infected and manipulative emails continue to be a major gateway for corporate cyberattacks. The included Outlook add-in therefore plays a central role in defending against attacks. It scans file attachments for malware and has included spam and phishing protection.

  • Outlook add-in included
  • Check attachments
Mario Jandeck, CEO Enginsight GmbH
FAQ about Endpoint Detection / Antivir

In the area of file analysis (antivirus detection), Enginsight cooperates with the German manufacturer G-Data. GData’s technology is based on the Dual Engine (Bitdefender + Gdata).

The AV features can be rolled out as an addon directly to your systems via the Enginsight agent. Setup and management is done directly in the Enginsight platform.

The AV functions can only be used as an addon if an Enginsight Agent license is already present on the system. The license costs for the AV addon are € 1.10 per end device / month (as of 10/2023).

Enginsight’s Endpoint Security / Antivir solution is part of the Enginsight Cybersecurity Platform.

Would you like to know how you can improve your IT security with Enginsight? We would be happy to analyze your current status and real needs in the area of IT and network security together with you.

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