Enginsight offers a comprehensive set of features for analyzing and securing your system landscape. This includes the perspective of a potential hacker on your systems as well as the detailed analysis of your servers, clients and IoT devices.

AI-supported procedures help us to detect attacks in real time and to classify them according to type and origin.

Only the is good enough!

Come to the safe side! With Enginsight – the professional solution for cyber security and IT monitoring.


From the perspective of a potential attacker, Enginsight finds out what software is installed on the server and what attack scenarios result from it.

To this end, a comprehensive set of methods is used to automatically find out whether a vulnerable software is running and whether it has a deficient configuration that reveals information about the system.

This includes non-invasive scans such as the comparison with our CVE databases as well as invasive scans such as the OWASP Top 10.



Enginsight Agent Pulsar finds vulnerabilities in the host’s operating system and installed software.

Furthermore, the hosts are examined with regard to safety-relevant configuration deficiencies. For example, whether there are weaknesses in user management, whether SSH is configured correctly or whether there are problems with the firewall configuration.

The agent not only tells you where there are problems but also supports you in solving them.


If required, the Enginsight Agent analyzes network traffic for suspicious behavior and potential attacks. All anomalies found are classified and visualized according to the type and origin of the attack.

Examples include potential DDoS attacks, man-in-the-middle scenarios, and SSH brute force.

An AI-supported procedure also detects whether personal data leaves the host unencrypted.

Docker Container

Scan docker containers for vulnerabilities directly in the CI process to ensure there are no uninvited guests on board.


The Pulsar Agent is compatible with x86_64 and ARM platforms support Windows and Linux and can also be rolled out on IoT devices.


Enginsight shows available patches and can also import them. Patch your servers or IoT devices directly from the Enginsight platform.


The encrypted connection of your application systems, web pages or web service interfaces are checked for known security gaps and configuration deficiencies.

The check takes place regularly according to the latest state of known security vulnerabilities. In addition, your certificates are monitored for validity and expiration date.

For example, you will be alerted immediately if the certificate becomes invalid or the trustworthiness is no longer given.


With the help of HTTP headers, you can significantly increase the security of your customers and website visitors with regard to security gaps such as XSS, click hijacking or terminal hacks.

We check the HTTP headers of your website and provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendations on how to configure the HTTP headers correctly.

Enginsight alerts you if headers are changed or existing configurations are obsolete. This allows you to keep your website up to date at all times.


The port scan checks any server for unnecessarily open ports and missing firewall settings. You will be alerted immediately if anything changes in the port configurations.

In addition, the port scan shows which software usually uses which ports, so you get an indicator of which software is used on the monitored server.

If the software used can be detected behind a port, Enginsight finds existing security risks.

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