Why should a monitoring solution only alert and not act immediately? Enginsight actively supports you in solving security problems and maintaining your IT landscape.

With aggregated views we help you to keep an eye on IT, to recognize dependencies and to evaluate risks.

Only the is good enough!

Come to the safe side! With Enginsight – the professional solution for cyber security and IT monitoring.


Automatically determine a risk level for each monitored host. Using our user-friendly view, you can quickly identify the hosts with the highest risk level and take the appropriate security measures.

At the same time, we inform you about security-related patches. You can import them fully automatically, within a few seconds directly through Enginsight.

With the help of concrete recommendations for action, you always know what has to be done on your servers and end devices to ensure your IT security.

Automatically RECOGNISE Dependencies

What would it be like if you had your entire IT environment available as a clear map? With Enginsight, you can identify the logical dependencies of your resources and enrich them with more information.

An interactive map informs you in real time how your resources communicate with each other. This allows you to see at a glance where the cause of a system failure lies, which resources are affected by a new type of threat or which system defines the critical path during a penetration test.


Create plug-ins directly from the Enginsight platform to manage your hosts quickly and easily. Plug-ins can be executed on any number of hosts with just a few clicks.

Link plug-ins to alarms to automatically trigger actions during alerting or define cronjobs for scheduled execution.

Furthermore, we offer templates to ensure a correct configuration of the SSL/TLS encryption on Windows servers or to set up the firewall configuration for SSH on Linux system automatically.


Define cronjobs for individual targets or entire groups. Detailed logs help you keep track of your cronjobs.


Our agent is compatible with x86_64 and ARM platforms support Windows and Linux and can also be rolled out on IoT devices.

Patch management

Enginsight shows available patches and can also import them directly. Patch your servers or IoT devices directly.


Threat Manager automatically identifies all applications detected in your IT landscape and gives you an overview of where and, most importantly, how secure these applications are and what security issues have been found.

For each identified software, operating system and website, you receive an aggregated view of the current threat situation in real time and immediately know where the action is needed in your IT landscape.


With the Certificate Manager, you always have an overview of all the certificates you use. Enginsight aggregates all information from your endpoints for this purpose. See at a glance which domains are affected if there are problems with a certificate.

So you always know which certificates you are using and on which servers they are located.

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