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Cybersecurity for Automotive

Safety is a high priority in the automotive industry, from production to the vehicle.  

 Enginsight puts you ahead in the race to best secure your IT infrastructures from cyberattacks.

As an automotive supplier aiming for TISAX®* certification, you will achieve at least maturity level 3 more easily, quickly and efficiently. 

Gear up and go. 

Sascha Utnehmer

“Honestly, we finally know where we stand. Our pants are being pulled down. And that’s exactly what we need. Because if we don’t know where the security gaps are, we can’t close them.”

Sascha Utnehmer, IT Administrator at KNIPPING KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK Gessmann GmbH

Increasing IT networking

Information and IT security in the automotive industry

Digitalization and networking in the automotive industry have drastically increased the importance of IT security. Hacker attacks on suppliers and car manufacturers lead to failures in production, in the supply chain, to reputational damage and even to the loss of corporate assets.

The players have a duty to protect their systems and processes against attacks. Compliance with current security standards is just one point. The goal must be being faster than the hackers in order to always remain at the cutting edge of technology and to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities at an early stage.

With Enginsight, the cybersecurity platform made in Germany, you protect your most valuable data and your patents / process know-how from unauthorized access from outside and inside.

Digital Processes & Production

Securing business processes

The supply chain in the automotive industry is long and complex. Therefore, you check protective measures and interfaces to your suppliers. With Enginsight, you automate the technical protection measures sustainably.

Challenges posed by industry standards

Security through IT standards

Many automotive manufacturers require certifications, e.g. according to TISAX®* for the majority of their suppliers. With Enginsight, you can quickly and easily meet the technical requirements and achieve the necessary level of maturity.

Data security

Innovation and data protection

The automotive industry is a strongly innovation-driven sector. The security of production and development data has a direct impact on the success of the company and is therefore a top priority.

TISAX®* certification standardizes information security requirements in the automotive industry. The process requirements are structured in such a way that the supply chains up to the automotive manufacturer are protected in the best possible way.

For the implementation of the technical requirements, Enginsight offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, starting with the inventory, through the assignment of rights in the IT infrastructure, to effective vulnerability management.

Learn how Enginsight can help you meet the technical requirements of VDA-ISA (TISAX®*) certification more easily, quickly and efficiently.

Technische TISAX_Anforderungen erfüllen mit Enginsight
Take the load off your IT. With security.

Security Cockpit for your IT A platform made in Germany

Complex processes, a multitude of systems, some of which are externally networked, make it difficult to maintain an overview. Nothing works manually here anymore. Automatic monitoring and inventory is essential.

Enginsight helps you analyze, detect and respond at all IT and security levels. You get real-time insights into the security status of your IT. In this way, you relieve your IT department, prevent cyber attacks and centrally control all security-relevant processes in your company.  

IT-Monitoring and IT-Management

Always keep an eye on everything to identify bottlenecks and risks at an early stage. This enables you to implement specifications from the VDA ISA catalog, which is based on ISO 27001.

Attack Detection & Defense

Detect and block cyberattacks on your IT infrastructure – Enginsight makes it easy. With just a few clicks, you can use Enginsight to detect and stop attacks from both inside and outside your organization.

Live vulnerability management

Identify if your systems are affected by current BSI alerts:

Overview by criticality and direct recommendations for action.


“Enginsight saved our TISAX certification.”

Marcel Pasternak, Process Manager at Schäfer Holding GmbH KNIPPING KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK Gessmann GmbH

Enginsight Guide:
The driver assistance system for your VDA-ISA certification

FAQ on IT security in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, business processes depend significantly on information and information systems. The networking and digitization of business processes have numerous advantages, but also risks. Cyber attacks can lead to significant damage, such as data loss or theft, production collapses or product liability lawsuits. That is why IT security in the automotive industry is a key factor for success and future security.

  1. Automotive companies can improve their IT security by conducting a comprehensive risk analysis and identifying vulnerabilities in their network and systems.
  2. Implementation of comprehensive security systems such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and encryption of data at all levels.
  3. Regular training and awareness of IT security among employees are also of great importance to minimize human error.
  4. Collaborate with experienced IT security service providers to meet specific industry requirements and ensure the highest level of protection and security.

An IT security incident can have a significant impact on the automotive industry. It can lead to production downtime, reputational damage and financial loss. In addition, customer data can be stolen, leading to further legal problems. It is therefore important that automotive companies proactively protect themselves against security threats.

In the automotive industry, there are a number of standards and certifications in the area of IT security that are designed to ensure that all stakeholders achieve a comparable level of security. One example is TISAX®*, an internationally recognized certification procedure for information security in the automotive industry. Other standards include ISO 27001 and IEC 62443. Certification to these standards can help to strengthen the trust of customers and business partners and reduce the risk of IT security incidents.

*TISAX® is a registered trademark of ENX Association. Enginsight GmbH and ENX Association do not have any business relationship regarding the solution described above. The mention of the trademark TISAX® does not imply any statement by the trademark owner regarding the suitability of the services advertised herein.

We give you a jump start

In the demo session, we will show you how easy it is to stay one curve ahead of the attackers:
by a driver assistance system for automotive IT. By the way, it also drives on its own and sounds the alert if something happens.  

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