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Web security and risk analysis Protect your website, web server and e-commerce business

Web security is essential in a digitalized world where cyber threats are constantly on the rise. An unsecured website or web server can not only put your data at risk, but also undermine the trust of your users. With regular security scans, you can detect and fix vulnerabilities early. Protect your online presence and build trust with your visitors. Start now with the first step to a secure website!

Designed for Windows, Linux and macOS

Enginsight is the all-in-one cybersecurity platform from Germany that analyzes your security posture, detects threats and prevents attacks automatically – as SaaS and on-premises.


Web security with Enginsight The 1st port of call for hackers: your website

Only those who know their IT are able to react quickly and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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Ensure performance

Check the availabilityand performanceof your website at any time. This way, you can make sure their digital flagship performs as well for potential new customers as they do.

Detect vulnerabilities

Perform a scan of your web applications within seconds and uncover flaws immediately. This gives you an overviewof vulnerabilitiesin your web services at a glance.

Create security

Take direct action against insecureand outdatedtechnologies in your web applications. This way you make the visit of your website safe for potential new customers and manifest the trustin your company.

Availability & security of your websites Protect your website from cyberattacks

Your website should always be 100% accessible and 100% secure.
Address vulnerabilities and stay up to date on utilization and availability.


Performance and availability

Monitor whether your website loads reliably and quickly at all times. Be informed immediately in case of slow response times or unavailability.

Vulnerability Management

Identify your security risk

Analyze the deployed software and open ports for security vulnerabilities and possible entry points for attackers. Learn specifically where you can make your website more secure.

Monitor encryption

Communication security

Prevent outdated algorithms or misconfigurations from compromising secure and encrypted communication with your website visitors.

Websecurity is your protection to the outside world The main advantages of Websecuriy

Function overview in detail Technical details about web security

Would you like to know a little more? Then you are exactly right here! Find out what Enginsight does for you in detail when it comes to website monitoring in a completely automated way.

Enginsight monitors the accessibility and response times of websites from several regions (for example, Germany and the USA). If the website is unavailable from a region, an alarm is triggered. The response times of the website distinguish between the stages of connection establishment: e.g. DNS lookup, response from the server, the first element is loaded and visible to the visitor, the entire page with all its sub-resources is loaded. Enginsight always simulates the real visitor, i.e. carries out real user monitoring.

  • Monitor from multiple locations
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Metrics for e.g. DNS Lookup, First Contentful Paint, DOM Complete

SSL/TLS monitoring monitors the certificates on the one hand, and the encryption protocols, algorithms and configurations used on the other. The certificate manager collects all the certificates used, so that it is visible at a glance where action is needed soon. The alarm about the imminent expiry of certificates completes the overview.

The offered protocols and ciphers (algorithms) of SSL/TLS connections receive a security assessment and are checked with for best practice. In addition, the SSL/TLS connection is checked against the technical guideline TR-03116-4 of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

  • Certificate Manager
  • Best Practice Protocols
  • Cipher Suite Security Check
  • BSI Compliance exam

SSL SSL/TLS: Best practice monitoring in just three clicks!

Website monitoring creates a clear list of all DNS records and validates the set records. In addition, Enginsight checks whether all security-relevant DNS records have been set and correctly configured: CAA record (Certification Authority Authorization), SPF record (Sender Policy Framework) and DMARC record (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). Alarms can be set for changed and incorrect DNS entries.

  • Overview of all DNS records
  • Validation and Security Check
  • Alert on changes

The HTTP connection configuration made via HTTP headers is analyzed and given a rating. For this purpose, all set HTTP headers are listed in an overview. Enginsight also tests for headers required from a security perspective (e.g. content security policy, strict transport security, X-XSS protection). For each entry in the list, the user receives a rating (ok, low, medium, high, critical).

  • Overview of all HTTP headers set
  • Security check for missing headers

HTTP configuration evaluation

Regular port scans monitor the accessibility of all common ports. Each detected port receives a score based on whether the port should typically be publicly reachable or whether its reachability poses a security risk. An alarm ensures that new ports that have been opened unintentionally are quickly detected.

  • Ports security assessment
  • Alarm on new open ports

Ideally, as little as possible can be learned about the technologies used in a web application from the outside. Version numbers in particular represent valuable information for attackers. Enginsight examines what technologies the website exposes in an HTTP header, cookie, or code.

The footprinting includes programming languages, content management systems, web servers, frameworks or libraries. A clear rating indicates how critical the enabled detection of the respective technology is to be assessed.

  • Expose technologies visible to attackers
  • Scan of HTTP headers, cookies and web page code
Mario Jandeck, CEO Enginsight GmbH
FAQ about Websecurity from Enginsight

With Enginsight you can analyze your website and the underlying web server information for security incidents within minutes.

In addition to the classic web scan by our software component “Observer”, you have the possibility to scan your web environment with our “Hacktor”. This simulates an attacker on your systems and shows you further and more in-depth information about your security status.

Automatic pentest information >>

The perfect introduction to the world of Enginsight is offered by Enginsight’s small business solution. Your websites, web applications, intranet, in fact anything that has a public IP address, you can use from € 9.90 / month.

Enginsight’s web security monitoring is part of the Enginsight Cybersecurity Platform.

Would you like to know how you can improve your IT security with Enginsight? We would be happy to analyze your current status and real needs in the area of IT and network security together with you.

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