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From just € 26.99 per month, you get all the features of Enginsight. Create your comprehensive security concept for your Windows and Linux servers. Clients and websites can be easily added within the platform.

per month with annual payment
  • For the 26.99 you get a server license directly
  • Additionally: Web-Security for € 9.99 / month
  • Additionally: Client (PC/Laptop) Security for only € 4,99 / month
  • Additionally: Penetration testing for 139,64 € / month
  • Stay flexible and pay only what you really need. With Enginsight you can change the number of servers, clients and web pages you monitor at any time.
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Features of the cybersecurity platform

Squaring the circle? With Enginsight, you can eliminate single tools while maintaining quality and reducing costs.

Enginsight offers you the best of the worlds of IT security, IT monitoring and IT management. In doing so, we do not forego quality, but concentrate on the essential functions that are really relevant in practice for medium-sized companies. Simple, clear, transparent and always developed based on our customer needs.

Machine Learning

Next Gen Monitoring. Enginsight learns the normal behavior of your IT and automatically notifies you of deviations and anomalies.

Workflow Automation

Automate your own security workflows. Trigger initial actions in case of an alarm or automatically import special configurations across all devices.


Close your vulnerabilities with security-relevant updates. Whether Windows or Linux, Enginsight can help you keep your systems up to date, either manually or automatically.

Your view through the glasses of a hacker. Test how vulnerable your systems, services and web environments really are. Your automatic, reproducible security audit.

Vulnerability Scan

Manage your vulnerabilities with Enginsight's integrated CVE scanning. Easily identify the risk, where the vulnerability is and how to close it.

Network Security

With host-based deep packet inspection, you can detect all network attacks. Also attacks from inside, if the firewall has already been overcome.

Audit Reports / PDF

In the platform you receive extensive reporting for all analyses. All reports can also be exported as PDF files. This way you can keep a constant eye on your own progress. All reports can also be exported as PDF files. This way you can constantly keep an eye on your own progress.

Valid Detection

Enginsight detects vulnerabilities directly on the respective device (host-based). You are only shown vulnerabilities that actually exist: Minimization of false positives.

ISMS / Compliance

Use Enginsight as part of your ISMS and inventory network devices and software automatically. This enables you to comply with legal standards such as ISO 27001 This enables you to comply with legal standards such as ISO 27001

SAAS Prices

Simple, transparent pricing model

We offer you transparent prices without any hidden costs. Pay only what you really need. Flexibly add servers, clients, websites to your chosen plan. We provide IT security with maximum flexibility for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Faster. Secure.

Come to the safe side and let us make your company and the world a bit safer together.

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