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On-premises prices

Hosted simply and securely at your site.

With the On-Premises Security and Monitoring solution from Enginsight you bring the necessary security into your IT. You will be amazed how fast and easy the On-Premises installation works. In just a few minutes we roll out the entire system to you via docker containers.

Used by companies that care about their IT security

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On-Premises is especially popular with our larger customers. With our Security by Design approach you get a highly secure software solution that you can install with full data control within your own IT or data center.

Patrick Andreas
Patrick Andreas
ACM Consultants GmbH
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With Enginsight, we were able to reduce the effort of our gap analyses during the implementation of information security management systems. In this way, we have achieved a significantly better success rate in the commissioning process. Afterwards, thanks to the much lower barrier to entry than with competing products, Enginsight becomes a customer loyalty tool.
Andreas Kunz
Andreas Kunz
Connecting Media
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With Enginsight, we have finally found a security software that provides us with analysis results without quantum physics. Whereas with competing products or open source tools I have to invest a lot of time afterwards in evaluating a report and formulating it in colloquial terms, with Enginsight the effort is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the possibility of carrying out uncomplicated initial scans, it is possible to quickly show the customer where the shoe pinches, making it easier for him to decide in favor of further analyses and permanent monitoring.
Ralf Schwarzmaier
Ralf Schwarzmaier
mars solutions GmbH
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For the past 4-5 years, we have been thinking about offering a managed security service that not only maps one-off scenarios, but also enables permanent monitoring. Today we can realize our plans and have learned to walk with Enginsight as MSSP. To maintain full control, we use the option of hosting the Enginsight application ourselves on our servers. This way, we can offer our customers to come by and fondle their data.

Licensing models

Enginsight is as flexible as its customers. In addition to the SaaS model, we offer two other billing models in the on-premises area.

Rental model (perpetual)
You can rent the entire Enginsight platform annually. Maintenance and update costs are already included in the rent.

Purchasing model
Buy Enginsight once and then pay only the annual maintenance fees according to your term contract.


Easily secure your entire enterprise. From the applications to the servers and clients to the networked production facility. Detect attacks in real time and automate defenses.


Enginsight NexT™ monitors your servers completely autonomously. It is no longer necessary to define monitoring rules manually. Relieve your administrators while at the same time increasing the quality of the alarms.


Inventory of all servers, clients, devices, and applications. Visualization of assets including their dependencies in environment maps. Automation of maintenance work and solutions to emerging problems.

Powerful and flexible thanks to state-of-the-art technologies

Enginsght is based on a microservice architecture. This allows the platform to be operated with maximum flexibility and scales with your requirements.

Enginsight is developed by embedded programming. So you can already start with a Dual Core processor and 4 GB Ram.

Especially our agent stands out due to his platform independence. It runs on Windows or Linux, no matter if x86 or ARM.


Automate the penetration testing in your company. Hacktor shows you the view of a hacker on your company. Possible targets are network segments, IP addresses or websites.


The Watchdog inventories your network segments (Asset Discovery). At the same time, it classifies the found assets and offers ping and port checks or monitoring via SNMP, depending on the type of asset.

Pulsar Agent

It finds vulnerabilities and configuration deficiencies, analyses network traffic and event logs. It fixes problems found, patches your system and reacts automatically to network attacks.


Monitor web pages, web applications or IP addresses. Perform security analyses and monitor availability from any location.


Automated penetration test (Intelligence Gathering, Spoofing,
Bruteforce, Discovery, DDoS)

Network CVE-Scan




Health-Checks (Ping, Port)


non-invasive (intern)

Pulsar Agent

Events | DPI | CVE-Scan | Configuration deficiencies | Uptime
Monitoring | Process Monitoring | Software Inventory | AI Anomaly Detection

non-invasive (intern)


Website CVE-Scan | Uptime Monitor | SSL/TLS Check | Portscan | HTTP-Header Analysis | Vulnerability Test

non-invasive (extern)


You want to use Enginsight as On-Premises (self hosting)? I am happy to answer all your questions and look forward to helping you with your IT security.

Lutz Wiechmann
Sales, DACH
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