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Security Information and Event Management Your SIEMphony for cyber attack detection and defense

Enginsight SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) gives you proactive, real-time protection and comprehensive security intelligence across all data sources. Like a good symphony, all software components play together in Enginsight and automatically enrich the SIEM with information from the area of attack detection. In this way, you create not just reactive logging, but proactive security.

Log management and logging The SIEM with integrated attack detection system

Proactive security

Enginsight already provides you with an attack detection and prevention system. All data from the Intrusion Detection System, File Integrity Monitoring flows directly into the SIEM. Create true transparency!

EU-DSGVO compliant

Pseudonymization of personal data within logs. Define responsibilities and individual user roles for depseudonymization. All data can be hosted on your premises as an on-premises solution.

KRITIS and NIS2-ready

The all-in-one platform helps meet regulatory and industry standards. Meet the technical cybersecurity requirements for KRITIS and future NIS2 – today.

Continuous monitoring and documentation of your IT security.

Enginsight combines the most important security functions, such as vulnerability management, intrusion detection, data integrity monitoring or micro-segmentation with the functions of a SIEM and thus creates not only reactive logs, but proactive IT security for all IT environments.


Comprehensive risk management Protect your organization from threats before they cause damage

SIEM stands for “Security Information and Event Management”. Sounds complicated, but it’s not! It’s your personal control center for more security in the organization. Like a detective with a magnifying glass and trench coat, it monitors all security alerts in real time, keeps an eye on network traffic, and keeps a watchful eye on the activities of all users and applications. So you can sleep easy knowing that your IT security is in the best hands.

LOGMANAGEMENT Your control center for intelligent safety analyses

The Datalake acts as a central and adaptable database and thus represents the foundation of the entire SIEM system. It acts as the main repository and combines all the raw data collected.

This data is indexed, grouped and presented in normalized form.

In this way, the Datalake lays the foundation for identifying patterns, irregularities and potential threats.

Thanks to the smart use of the collected data, you can efficiently identify security events and perform forensic analysis.


Automate security Customized workflows

By automating responses to specific security events, SIEM workflows can help you reduce the time between detection and remediation of security incidents. With a few simple clicks, you can link different logs and include alerts related to defined scenarios.

In short, SIEM workflows are an indispensable tool to strengthen your security infrastructure, detect and respond to attacks, and meet compliance requirements.

Live overviews Customized dashboards

Who knows your company’s needs better than you? In the “Cockpits” area, you can design your own customized dashboards. Each display in the cockpit is based on a predefined event stream or one you create yourself. You also have the freedom to create different views based on a single stream.

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Effective risk management requires continuous condition monitoring in combination with preventive measures as well as a data basis for forensic analyses.

secured systems by Enginsight in the German midmarket and public sector
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Schäfer Holding GmbH
Marcel Pasternak, Process Manager
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"Enginsight saved our TISAX certification."
Sömmerdaer Energieversorgung GmbH
Mario Haller, Administrator
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"In day-to-day business, there is always the risk that events or security vulnerabilities slip through because we in the IT department don't have the time to manually examine the systems in depth. With Enginsight, I have a traffic light that tells me: watch out, there's something there! And then I can take care of it. For me, Enginsight has therefore become a guidance system that helps me cross the street."
ISO Schmiede GmbH
Steven Löffler, External Auditor
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"Enginsight plays a major role in the implementation and continued operation of a management system. Enginsight's solution in the area of pentesting offers a target-oriented way of identifying weak points at an early stage and nipping corresponding dangers in the bud."
MVS Wilke
Klaus Wilke, Managing Director
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"Enginsight is simply the most personable solution for attack detection and defense. I was enthusiastic about it right from the start. Intuitive to use, resource-efficient through automations, and reportable in a management-ready manner, the software simply makes everyone happy: IT admins, business managers, and auditors. Love it."

functions and solutions Application of SIEM software in KRITIS industries and beyond

Would you like to know a little more? Then you are exactly right here! Learn how the Enginsight SIEM works and make your daily security work easier.

An electric utility could become the target of a cyberattack aimed at disrupting the power supply. A SIEM system can detect such attacks at an early stage and initiate countermeasures to maintain the power supply.

A telecom provider could be subject to attacks such as DDoS that aim to disrupt service. SIEM solutions can detect these attacks and respond quickly to ensure service availability.

From the outside, the sensors examine the open ports and the web application for vulnerable software. By optionally storing access data (auth provider), operating systems and installed software can be retrieved, results expanded and validation improved.

  • Scan networks for security vulnerabilities
  • Websites and web portals
  • Deposit auth providers for SNMP, WMI, SSH

Airports and train stations rely on complex IT systems. An attack on these systems could paralyze traffic. A SIEM platform can identify such attacks and enable rapid response to keep traffic flowing.

Hospitals manage sensitive patient data and rely on medical devices. A cyberattack could compromise this data or affect the devices. SIEM systems can help maintain data integrity and ensure patient safety.

Water utilities could be the target of an attack that compromises water quality. A SIEM solution can help protect the integrity of the water supply by detecting attacks and initiating countermeasures.

Food producers could be impacted by cyberattacks on their production facilities. SIEM systems can detect and remedy production disruptions to ensure food supply.

Use autofixes to correct configurations directly from the Enginsight platform.

The Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) integrated for all common operating systems can be extended with your own guidelines. This also allows documentation requirements to be fulfilled effectively.

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Server 2008/2012/2016/2021
  • Canonical Ubuntu 16/18/20
  • Red Hat Enterprise 6
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

Banks and insurance companies are frequent targets of cyberattacks aimed at stealing financial data. SIEM systems can monitor unusual transactions and raise the alert to prevent financial loss.


Find out more about your industry requirements and how Enginsight can help you meet them. Your industry is not listed here? Feel free to let us know and we will work for you on the compliance level of your standard using Enginsight.

Mario Jandeck, CEO Enginsight GmbH
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FAQ about the SIEM from Enginsight

The SIEM feature is an addon to your existing Enginsight license and is available from € 2.20 per asset (sum of number of servers and clients). Prerequisite is the use of an existing Enginsight instance. Separate terms apply for the public sector (KRITIS, Public-Sector). Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes, we have already connected a number of firewalls automatically. If your firewall is not included, we will integrate it within one working week. Furthermore, you have the possibility to address individual data sources via our extractors using regex.

In our documentation >> you will find a detailed infrastructure explanation including. Installation guide and product description for Enginsight SIEM.

We or our experienced partners>> will gladly take care of the installation and setup. Just contact us 🙂

The SIEM is part of the Enginsight Cybersecurity Platform.

Would you like to know how you can improve your IT security with Enginsight? We would be happy to analyze your current status and real needs in the area of IT and network security together with you.

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