OUT-OF-THE-BOX READY TO USE Monitor your websites, applications, servers, IoT devices and more, or in other words your entire IT landscape.

Enginsight creates behavior profiles for each asset and learns what normal behavior is.

Only the best is good enough!

Come to the safe side! With Enginsight – the professional solution for cyber security and IT monitoring.


A slow website is bad for your business. Monitor your website for availability and performance. You can choose from which locations the website should be monitored and receive meaningful analyses and metrics.

This allows you to see in detail where problems occur during connection setup, or you can be alerted immediately if the response time does not meet your requirements.

Together with our reporting system, you can also prove whether the guaranteed SLAs of your hoster are adhered to.


Use the Enginsight Agent Pulsar to monitor any Windows® and Linux® based host. The Enginsight Agent collects data on hardware and software parameters on the server.

Furthermore, the agent forms the basis for our automatic dependency analyses, monitors the running processes and brings along its own plug-in system, which enables individual monitoring scenarios.


Enginsight gives you fully automated monitoring of server metrics and any historical data.

There is no more need to manually create rules to monitor your IT landscape.

This saves administrators a lot of time and at the same time increases the quality of monitoring.

Together with our reporting system, you can also prove whether the guaranteed SLAs of your hoster are adhered to.

recommendations for action

Enginsight gives you recommendations for maintenance work that should be performed on a server.


Our agent is compatible with x86_64 and ARM platforms support Windows and Linux and can also be rolled out on IoT devices.


Use the powerful API of the Enginsight platform to integrate with existing systems or use it for your own business ideas.

custom metrics

Using a standardized format, any metrics can be recorded, visualized and monitored.

These could be DB requests per minute, HTTP errors or visitors to your website. All data can be recorded which have a temporal course.

This ensures maximum flexibility in the implementation of your performance monitoring.


Monitor all running processes. Together with the innovative alarm system of the Enginsight platform, it can react automatically to interruptions.

For example, when an error code is detected on your website, a corresponding function can be triggered on the target host.


Use our predefined locations to monitor the accessibility of your website from different locations. You can also create any other locations and include them in the monitoring. Just contact us for more information.

The flexibility of our Observer allows you to run Observer on your own servers. For example, you could run an Observer in your own DMZ.

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