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Detect anomalies in your workload and always be up to date on availabilities. With Enginsight’s integrated monitoring, you always have an overview of your entire IT environment.

Designed for Windows, Linux and macOS

Enginsight is the all-in-one cybersecurity platform from Germany that analyzes your security posture, detects threats and prevents attacks automatically – as SaaS and on-premises.


IT monitoring for your entire IT Ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure

Prevent problems and causes of failures.

Everything in view All availabilities and loadings

Whether server, client, switch, printer, database or telephone system: Enginsight collects all key figures on the availability and utilization of your IT for you. This gives you an overview of the status of your entire IT infrastructure in one platform. Server monitoring for Windows and Linux.

Continuous safety Ensure compliant operation

Be sure that there are always enough power reserves available, all system-relevant services are running and reachable. In case of deviations and bottlenecks, Enginsight always informs your responsible employee so that he can proactively initiate countermeasures.

AI-based monitoring Intelligent monitoring and anomaly detection

Define each limit value manually? Was yesterday. Thanks to machine learning, Enginsight understands your metrics, predicts a normal course and alerts you to anomalies. Increase your efficiency with next-generation monitoring.

IT-MONITORING SOFTWARE All system events & more

Maintain control over your entire IT landscape. Thanks to automatisms and machine learning, your IT security will reach a whole new level in the long term. Use IT monitoring as the basis for a holistic security concept.

functions and solutions Technical details on IT monitoring

Would you like to know a little more? Then you are exactly right here! Find out what Enginsight can do for you in detail when it comes to IT monitoring.

Enginsight enables classic availability monitoring on all servers and clients by installing the Pulsar agent. This includes monitoring CPU, RAM, SWAP, disk and network utilization. In real time, the user receives the metrics in question and can examine them for any problems.

With custom metrics, monitoring can be expanded to include any data that can be displayed over time. This can be, for example, data from a database, backups or sensor data. More specific use cases, such as monitoring a telephone system, are also easy to implement.

  • Platform independent: Linux & Windows
  • Hard disk utilization
  • Network load
  • Custom Metrics: Databases, backups, sensor data, and more.

The data trajectories of all metrics (standard metrics and custom metrics) can be analyzed and understood by the Machine Learning module to predict the expected normal operation In case of unusual trajectories, it categorizes the deviation as low, medium or high.

Autonomous monitoring of metrics for anomalies allows alarms to be defined without fixed thresholds. This reduces the administrative burden and the number of false positives.

  • Monitor all metrics with machine learning
  • Detect anomalies
  • Alerts without fixed limit values

Enginsight monitors the software on all servers and clients with Pulsar Agent installed. Whether software is installed/uninstalled or whether new autostarts are added thus remains transparent even across large IT environments. Enginsight also includes monitoring of whether all system-relevant services and processes are running. Particularly relevant from a security perspective: If an application on a server opens a new port, Enginsight triggers an alarm – if desired.

  • Monitor installations and uninstallations
  • Services and processes monitoring
  • Port monitoring

Enginsight examines the log files of all servers and clients with installed Pulsar agent for security-relevant events, intersects them and evaluates them. Successful and failed login attempts can be monitored, as well as the creation of new users or when new administration rights are assigned. Monitoring of access to sensitive files and directories can also be integrated into Enginsight’s system log monitoring.

  • Login attempts
  • New users and rights
  • Access to sensitive directories

Network devices on which no agent can be installed can also be monitored with Enginsight’s IT monitoring. Simple Health Check check the availability of devices and ports on the network. Monitoring via SNMP enables the monitoring and analysis of more data, for example the network load of a router interface or the error status of a printer.

Thanks to many already integrated Management Information Bases (MIBs), setting up SNMP monitoring is greatly simplified. If no suitable MIB is available, own MIBs can be uploaded. As the user then defines expected values, deviations are quickly noticed and alarms are quickly switched.

  • Ping/Port-Monitoring
  • SNMP-Monitoring
  • large pre-selection of MIBs
  • Upload own MIBs

All data aggregated by Enginsight’s IT monitoring flow together in the Enginsight platform and are clearly displayed. With alarms, responsible persons can be informed in a targeted manner about safety-relevant incidents or deviations. A tag system for grouping all assets facilitates the management of alarms.

  • Collected results in the Enginsight platform
  • Define and alert responsible persons
  • Alert via email, SMS, Slack, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams
  • Tags to manage efficiently

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Effective risk management requires continuous condition monitoring in combination with preventive measures as well as a data basis for forensic analyses.

secured systems by Enginsight in the German midmarket and public sector
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Schäfer Holding GmbH
Marcel Pasternak, Process Manager
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"Enginsight saved our TISAX certification."
Sömmerdaer Energieversorgung GmbH
Mario Haller, Administrator
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"In day-to-day business, there is always the risk that events or security vulnerabilities slip through because we in the IT department don't have the time to manually examine the systems in depth. With Enginsight, I have a traffic light that tells me: watch out, there's something there! And then I can take care of it. For me, Enginsight has therefore become a guidance system that helps me cross the street."
ISO Schmiede GmbH
Steven Löffler, External Auditor
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"Enginsight plays a major role in the implementation and continued operation of a management system. Enginsight's solution in the area of pentesting offers a target-oriented way of identifying weak points at an early stage and nipping corresponding dangers in the bud."
MVS Wilke
Klaus Wilke, Managing Director
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"Enginsight is simply the most personable solution for attack detection and defense. I was enthusiastic about it right from the start. Intuitive to use, resource-efficient through automations, and reportable in a management-ready manner, the software simply makes everyone happy: IT admins, business managers, and auditors. Love it."
Mario Jandeck, CEO Enginsight GmbH
FAQ on IT monitoring and failover

The IT monitoring process generally includes the following points:

  1. Performance monitoring: Monitor operating systems and applications for signs of performance degradation or failures.
  2. Network monitoring: Analyze traffic and network performance to identify bottlenecks, outages, or unusual traffic.
  3. Log monitoring: review and analysis of log files to detect security incidents, errors, and other important events.
  4. Availability monitoring: Check the availability of services, applications and network connections to minimize downtime.
  5. Fault management: Detection and correction of faults in the IT infrastructure before they lead to serious problems.

Enginsight offers a wide range of security monitoring capabilities. File Integrity Monitoring, for example, monitors and logs activities in real time and raises alerts in case of unauthorized or serious changes. FIM is an important function that helps companies protect their IT systems and data from unauthorized access.

With Enginsight, companies can ensure that their files and systems are secure and unchanged at all times, or can be quickly restored in the event of an unintentional/manipulated change. Data from FIM is also suitable to flow into a SIEM. Correlation with other data, such as from the intrusion detection system, enables an analysis on the basis of which security measures can be derived.

The daily look into the monitoring tool is important. How about being immediately informed about your security status when you take this look?

Work on your daily tasks alone or together as a team using the Enginsight platform.

Often, when using Enginsight, existing tools can be replaced, license costs can be saved, or efficiency can be improved.

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Enginsight IT monitoring is part of the Enginsight Cybersecurity Platform.

Would you like to know how you can improve your IT security with Enginsight? We would be happy to analyze your current status and real needs in the area of IT and network security together with you.

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