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made-in-germany-enginsight Your Zero Trust Network

Microsegmentation Host-based for every client & server

Make your network security a breeze with our revolutionary host-based micro-segmentation solution. By segmenting your network environment at the host level, your business is optimally protected against cyberattacks. Benefit from effective threat protection without sacrificing the performance and scalability of your network.

What would happen if an attacker got past your firewall and AV?

Advantages of microsegmentation

Business Critical Protect values in particular

How do you protect your most important assets and data from malware that makes it onto your network?

At some point, employees will click on a phishing link or malware will otherwise gain access to a corporate device. The assumption that your company will eventually be compromised must be taken as a given. And the technologies to prevent such attacks are important, but it’s not foolproof.

Mikrosegmentierung mit Enginsight
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Zero Trust Approach

Trust no one, verify each

What to do if the attacker is already on the network?

The answer must be much better than conventional internal firewalls, regular patches and malware scans. Zero trust is the right approach here: the principle of least privilege and identifying all users and devices on the network are the starting point.

When malware enters a network, it is immediately contained by microsegments and critical resources remain protected.

More control, less risk

Segmented networks reduce the damage that malware can do once it has infiltrated. An infection or attack cannot spread over a large area in segmented networks.

  • Granular control of accesses and activities within the network
  • Meet compliance requirements for information security
  • Workload management for critical systems such as databases
  • Netzwerksicherheit verbessern mit Zero-Trust
  • Fast implementation in existing IT landscape
Datencenter Server Segmentierung
IT management in one platform

Microsegmentation with Enginsight

The Enginsight Shield component forms the technical basis for this. It receives the rules from the API, converts them into rules for the system firewall and activates them.

Easily define meaningful segments, create rules as well as policies, and apply them to desired segments with just one click.

Regelwerke für Mikrosegmentierung
Rule sets for microsegmentation in Enginsight

The database server as an example of a microsegment

In the picture you can see the three defined microsegments: Admins, the vulnerable server and the database.

The vulnerable server is isolated from the rest of the IT landscape. No connections go in or out of it, except those that are explicitly defined here as exceptions. All hosts assigned to the “Admins” segment are allowed to access the server’s RDP port via TCP.

In addition to micro-segmentation, you also benefit from the platform’s intrusion detection function. This is based on snort rules and offers the possibility to control hosts on the network side or to block them in case of anomalies.

Microsegmentation for security maximization
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