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made-in-germany-enginsight Security & Compliance

All-in-One Cybersecurity Attack and defense in one platform

Enginsight offers a wide range of features, including vulnerability scans, network and application security assessments, risk assessments, compliance checks, data analysis, and more. The platform is easy to use and offers businesses a user-friendly interface that allows them to plan, implement, and monitor their security strategies.

Enginsight is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Trusted by businesses that care about their IT security.

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Quickly up and running

Without configuration you scan your systems automatically and immediately recognize the security status of your IT.

Made in Germany

Enginsight is a 100% self-developed cybersecurity platform (Security by Design) with no dependencies on third-party tools.


Information security management system (ISMS) certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 by TÜV Thüringen.

The Enginsight process
5 Steps to Improve IT Security

Monitoring, analysis, and optimization of IT infrastructure

Step 1

IT inventory

Continuously scan your IT environment for existing devices and create a live image of your IT infrastructure.

Automatic detection and unlimited IP inventory of all network devices, as well as their classification.

IT-Inventarisierung​ Asset Map
Step 2

Internal IT security analysis

Enginsight provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and securing your Windows servers, Linux servers, and endpoints such as Windows PCs or Linux.

Within minutes, get a complete security scan of your entire IT infrastructure, fully automated and with no configuration required.

Step 3

External IT security analysis

Web applications, such as websites, are monitored by Enginsight for both availability and security.

Don’t let any loopholes in your web applications go unnoticed, and protect yourself, your data, and your website visitors from cybercriminals.

Step 4

Automate security processes

With Enginsight, you can automatically respond to system events and have routine tasks carried out autonomously.

Use our diverse automation options to give your IT department room to breathe again.

Step 5

Automated penetration testing

See your systems through the eyes of a hacker. With the automated penetration test, you regularly audit your systems and identify potential entry points for hackers early on.”


Get to know the Enginsight platform. Our security experts answer your specific IT questions. No obligation and with added value for you!

In 30 minutes, learn how the Enginsight All-in-One Cybersecurity Software helps you monitor your entire IT, detect vulnerabilities, and simulate hacker attacks.

We will show you how to improve the security of your IT quickly and easily, and how to relieve your IT employees.

Latest News

Find the latest on Enginsight and the world of cybersecurity. Visit the Enginsight blog.

Enginsight Product Variations

In the cloud or in your own data center, Enginsight is always the right solution for your business.

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Manage your data conveniently via our Enginsight SaaS platform in a dedicated area.

on-premise Symbol

Full data control! Run your own Enginsight instance as an on-premise solution in your data center.

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Enginsight OEM/Whitelabel

Integrate the functions of the Enginsight platform into existing solutions or create your own innovative products.

Enginsight FAQ - Short QUESTIONS, Short ANSWERS

Enginsight was developed according to the principle “Security by Design”. The IT architecture behind the Enginsight Cybersecurity Software has undergone multiple audits and provides you with the highest level of security, both as SaaS and On-Premises. Please feel free to contact us for exact details on the IT architecture of the platform.

You can use the platform for 14 days free of charge or arrange a direct demo appointment with us. Here you can get further information.

The entire platform is ready for use within minutes in both SaaS and on-premises versions. All analyses run automatically, allowing you to receive a comprehensive security audit without the need for configuration efforts, along with continuous live monitoring of your entire IT.

After the free trial period, Enginsight can be used as a cloud solution. All SaaS prices can be found here. For an on-premises calculation please contact our sales department. Here the prices are calculated individually according to your IT size.

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