Making the invisible visible - making the insecure secure

IT Inventorization

Our guard dog knows exactly who is in his territory.

Now you too can keep track of all IT assets in your network at all times.

Over 10.000+ secured systems by hidden champions, SMEs and our partners.

Enginsight is the most comprehensive and simple security solution for all sizes of companies , Made in Germany.

Making security manageable

With Enginsight you are always one step ahead

Define responsibilities and fulfill documentation obligations – simply on the side.

Create clear structures

Define responsibilitiesand thus realize the basics of a well-organized IT security strategy. Save time by being effectively assisted with documentation requirements.

Say goodbye to shadow IT

Declare war on shadow ITand create a regular and complete IT inventory. Avoid vulnerabilities without additional effort and always keep an overview.

Successful safety audits

Set the foundation for successful auditsand certificationsin addition to their daily work. In this way, you increase the trustin your company in the long term and enhance your reputation with business partners.

Let's just let our customers have their say
"As an IT administrator in a mid-sized company working on a variety of tasks, Enginsight has made my day-to-day work much easier. For example, whereas before it took me 1-2 days a week to scan for security vulnerabilities, now it's one hour."

QSil AG, quartz glass manufacturer

This is where the magic starts

Inventorization made easy

Through permanent monitoring, you have an overview of all relevant information of your IT landscape at all times.

Everything in view

Inventory of all assets in the network

Whether switch, printer, client or server – all devices with an IP address can be inventoried completely automatically with Enginsight. This effectively prevents IT systems from flying under the radar.

Monitoring with insight

In-depth data thanks to agent

Retrieve in-depth information about all servers and clients by installing an agent on them. This way you enrich your inventory with valuable information and take it to the next level.

Automation of workflows

Automate software inventory

Automate your software inventory and get an overview of which software is installed on which servers and clients. Search the inventory for specific software and set an alarm on new and remote installations.

Making the invisible visible - making the insecure secure

Keep an eye on all assets in your IT landscape at all times. Up-to-date and valid data helps you to detect weak points in time and to master audits. Rely on a combination of monitoring and security tool to take your IT to the next level.

Build trustwith your customers thanks toreliable and secure web monitoring.
Test your security measures for success thanks to integrated pentest module.
Use IDS/IPS to detect threats in time and effectively defend against attacks.
Keep track of all system events at all times. And all this in just one software! Put an end to dozens of individual tools.
Check your system for vulnerabilities now for 14 days free of charge.
Feature Bashing

Technical details

Would you like to know a little more? Then you are exactly right here! Find out what Enginsight does for you in detail when it comes to IT inventory in a completely automated way.

The installation of the Watchdog software component in the network enables permanent monitoring of the network traffic according to its participants. With regular active network scans, the Watchdog also provokes network connections and thus finds IP addresses that have not generated any network traffic on their own.

Automatically, Enginsight attempts to categorize the detected assets. In addition, the user is free to enter further data on the asset for documentation purposes (e.g. description, location, responsibility). The assets can also be grouped via tags. To establish the distinction between official and potential shadow IT, assets can be marked as appraised. To use the data externally, the lists can be exported.

  • Scan network fully automated
  • Interactive Asset Map
  • Complete network inventory

The installation of the Pulsar agent on servers and clients realizes an agent-based inventory. Thus, assets outside the network can also be included in the inventory. In addition, the inventory via the agent allows more information to be retrieved automatically.

System information provided by the mainboard is available as device information, such as model designations and serial numbers. Here, too, the data can be expanded (e.g. description, location, responsibility) and the assets can be grouped via tags. Also included is a software inventory with a total overview of all software. This opens the possibility to search all servers and clients specifically for software with a search command or to export lists with installed software.

  • Platform independent: Linux & Windows
  • Inventory also outside the network
  • Retrieve detailed data automatically
  • Software inventory included

Team members can be defined as responsible persons for each asset. On the one hand, the responsibilities fulfill important documentation requirements, and on the other hand, they form the basis of Enginsight’s alarm system. In the event of safety-relevant incidents or deviations from normal operation, the right people are always informed.

  • Define responsibilities for all assets
  • Fulfill documentation requirements
  • Assign alarms to responsible persons

The inventory is the ideal basis for a security audit of the entire IT infrastructure. Therefore, the IP addresses detected via the network-based asset inventory can be selected as target systems for the automated penetration test. Servers and clients inventoried with Agent are automatically monitored for security issues. For example, the software inventory provides the basis for a scan for software with security vulnerabilities (CVE check).

  • Use asset inventory for automated pentesting
  • Security monitoring of server and clients
  • CVE-Scan
But enough reading now!
A software says more than a thousand words.
Scan your IT for potential vulnerabilities now and pentest your IT - all included in the 14-day trial.