Making the invisible visible - making the insecure secure

Vulnerability Management

Fast, proactive and around the clock. Establish vulnerability management that goes beyond CVE scans and patch management and close security gaps before they become a problem.

An attacker only needs to find one vulnerability – you, on the other hand, need to find them all. Scan your system for security vulnerabilities now


More than 10.000+ secured systems by hidden champions, SMEs and our partners.

Enginsight is the most comprehensive and simple security solution for all sizes of companies, Made in Germany.

Making security manageable

With Enginsight you are always one step ahead

Only those who know their IT are able to react quickly and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Save time, money and nerves

Always keep an eye on your IT environment, regardless of time and place. Work more effectively by centrally viewing all relevant information and enabling consistent monitoring of your IT landscape.

Success through effectiveness

Make the security status of your IT transparent and act proactively before vulnerabilities become a problem. Save time every day – with automated workflows.

Know what to do

Keep your focusand know at any time which work really needs your attention– through valid knowledge of your construction sites in IT security.

Let's just let our customers have their say
"As an IT administrator in a medium-sized company that handles a variety of tasks, Enginsight has made my daily work much easier. For example, while it used to take me 1-2 days a week to scan for security vulnerabilities, now it's only an hour."

QSil AG, quartz glass manufacturer

This is where the magic begins

Identifying and closing gaps

Gain valid insights into potential security vulnerabilities and eliminate them before someone else can exploit them. With Enginsight, you know exactly what’s most important to you now.

Everything in view

Correct prioritization thanks to the view of the entire IT

Bring the vulnerabilities of your entire IT environment into one view. This way, you are always informed about the security status of all assets and know where the most urgent action is needed.

Whitebox analyses

Highest quality data

Thanks to the agent installed directly on your servers and clients, you get 100% valid vulnerability assessments. With continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities, you are immediately informed about a changed security situation.


Eliminate hazards

Respond adequately to threats at all times, apply patches directly from the platform or automate your update processes. Beyond the basics, Enginsight gives you configuration management and the attacker’s view.

Making the invisible visible - making the insecure secure

The more you know about your own IT landscape, the more secure you can make your systems sustainable. Vulnerability management is an important cornerstone here. However, IT security involves more than just CVE scans and patch management.

Learn how attackers can move around your systems using pentesting
Use network monitoring to detect and prevent attacks at any time
Build an ISMS to implement certifications like ISO27001 with Enginsight
Keep track of all system events at all times. And all this in just one software! Put an end to dozens of individual tools.
Check your system for vulnerabilities now for 14 days free of charge.
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Technical details

Would you like to know a little more? Then you are exactly right here! Find out what Enginsight does for you in detail when it comes to vulnerability management in a completely automated way.

The Pulsar Agent installed on servers and clients enables detection and inventory of all installed software. The operating system libraries are examined as well as the files on the hard disk are scanned with the extended software monitoring in order to include non-regularly installed software in the inventory (e.g. portable apps, programs embedded in other applications, Java libraries).

The software inventory forms the best data basis for the actual vulnerability scan, the comparison of the installed software with known security vulnerabilities (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, or CVE for short). Thanks to the agent installation, 100% validity is guaranteed and false positives are excluded.

  • Platform independent (Windows & Linux)
  • Best database thanks to software inventory
  • 100% valid results
  • No false positives

Enginsight can also be used to scan network peripherals on which a Pulsar Agent cannot be installed for security vulnerabilities. Websites can also be monitored for vulnerabilities. For this purpose, a sensor is placed in the network (Hacktor) or Internet (Observer). Subsequently, entire networks can be scanned for vulnerabilities.

From the outside, the sensors examine the open ports and the web application for vulnerable software. By optionally storing access data (auth provider), operating systems and installed software can be retrieved, results expanded and validation improved.

  • Scan networks for security vulnerabilities
  • Websites and web portals
  • Deposit auth providers for SNMP, WMI, SSH

The associated CVE identifier is given for all security vulnerabilities. The CVSS score (1 to 10) allows categorization by urgency. With a risk score for each asset, users can prioritize patch management by threat. An alarm immediately informs responsible persons about new security vulnerabilities. Further information on each vulnerability in the NIST database and additional sources on the Internet are linked, for example on possible exploits.

  • CVSS-Score
  • Risk score
  • Urgency level
  • Integration with alarm system
  • Linking of further information

Jede von Enginsight detektierte CVE wird über die verfügbaren Meta-Informationen und unter Einbeziehung des Softwaretyps validiert. It then receives an assessment via the validity traffic light, which guarantees full transparency.

Most of the validation information is available to the vulnerability scan via the Pulsar Agent, so 100% validity is always guaranteed. All assets on which a Pulsar Agent can be installed should therefore be equipped with the software component.

  • Validation based on meta information
  • Validity traffic light
  • 100% valid results for CVE scan with Pulsar Agent

To bring vulnerable software to a safe state, an update to the current version is usually sufficient. Enginsight’s Update Manager enables the targeted import of updates across multiple servers and clients. In addition, updates can be fully automated, and automatic updates can also be limited to security-related updates. The tag system allows convenient configuration even in large IT environments.

  • Platform independent (Linux & Windows)
  • Compatible with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
  • Patching third-party Software on Linux systems

Next to insecure software, faulty configurations represent a second category of risk that you can effectively address with Enginsight’s configuration management. Use autofixes to correct configurations directly from the Enginsight platform.

The Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) integrated for all common operating systems can be extended with your own guidelines. This also allows documentation requirements to be fulfilled effectively.

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Server 2008/2012/2016/2021
  • Canonical Ubuntu 16/18/20
  • Red Hat Enterprise 6
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 12
But enough reading now!
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