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AUTOMATED PENTEST Can your IT withstand a hacker attack?

Do my current protection measures really stand up to an attack? Does my firewall, EDR/XDR/MDR bingo game actually detect attacks on the internal network?

With Enginsight Cybersecurity software, you pentest your IT systems from an attacker’s point of view. Simply select targets (anything that speaks IP) and receive direct recommendations for action to harden your IT infrastructure. Don’t worry: the current odds of one of your systems fluttering after the pentest is 1000:1.

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A pentest/security audit is a systematic assessment of the security of an organization’s information systems and processes. The purpose of a security audit is to identify vulnerabilities in the system and recommend measures to address these issues and improve the overall security of the system.

IT security audits are an important part of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s information and systems.

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Patrick Andreas
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"When I show customers the Hacktor and the pentest topic, they go crazy for it. It makes every IT professional's heart beat faster. It's no different for me when I unleash the Hacktor on a system. It makes your fingers tingle. It just hits a nerve."

AUTOMATIC PENTEST Simulated attacks for security testing

Fix security gaps and risks before they become a problem.


External and internal attack vectors

Define individual goals. Select individual IP addresses and websites, work with IP ranges or access an automatically generated inventory. All devices with an IP address can thus be checked for their security status.


Individual standardization

Define which checks and attacks should be performed and extend the pentest with your own password lists or checks. Configure a recurring execution. This is how you establish risk management as an ongoing process.


Reports incl. recommendations

See at a glance how secure you are positioned and where the most urgent need for action is. The comparison with previous audits reveals how successful your previous measures for hardening your IT systems already were.


With Enginsight, you can quickly and easily check your IT for vulnerabilities on your own, but sometimes you need a cybersecurity professional / pentester to help you with words and deeds.

P.S. By the way, this one is called Adrian and is the most hated person in companies. He is a data protectionist, has the job to break things (pentester/hacker) and also likes to talk (which is quite rare in IT). So the perfect guy to turn your company upside down in a positive sense.

PENTEST SOFTWARE Technical details of the penetration test

Would you like to know a little more? Then you are exactly right here! Find out what Enginsight does for you in detail when it comes to automated pentesting.

Information Gathering

Information Gathering involves comprehensive footprinting of target systems.

Footprinting is the collection of information that is used for subsequent hacking attacks. Real hackers also create a footprint in the first step to sound out promising attack vectors.


In order to detect security vulnerabilities in deployed software, Hacktor Agent checks all systems for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

Applications that can be accessed from outside are scanned automatically. In order to examine further software applications and improve validity, access data can optionally be stored.

Service Bruteforce

By trying usernames and password combinations en masse, Hacktor tries to penetrate the system.

If he succeeds, he will try to penetrate the system even deeper. Use the Enginsight password list or store your own authentication data.

Service Discovery

In the discovery phase, Hacktor tests the discovered services for specific, common vulnerabilities caused by incorrect configuration.

Authentication procedures, encryption of connections, and execution and access rights, among other things, are put under the microscope.

Custom Scripts

Custom scripts allow advanced users to extend the included test set.

Possible usage scenarios for custom pentest scripts are countless and depend on individual requirements. For example, checks can be stored for unusual systems that are of great importance for the infrastructure under test, or it is possible to search specifically for undesirable or obsolete configurations.

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Automatic pentest - Is your system really secure?

Enginsight’s Automated Pentesting is part of the Enginsight Cybersecurity Platform.

Would you like to know how you can improve your IT security with Enginsight? We would be happy to analyze your current status and real needs in the area of IT and network security together with you.

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