Making the invisible visible - making the unsafe safe

Your effective IT security workflow

No more dozens of individual tools! Enginsight brings together the most important tools so that you can manage your IT security easily, quickly and conveniently – by making the invisible visible and the unsafe safe.

Let's just let our customers have their say
"As an IT administrator in a mid-sized company working on a variety of tasks, Enginsight has made my day-to-day work much easier. For example, whereas before it took me 1-2 days a week to scan for security vulnerabilities, now it's one hour."

QSil AG, quartz glass manufacturer

This is where the magic begins

The Enginsight features at a glance

Identifying and closing gaps

Vulnerability management

Gain valid insights into potential security vulnerabilities and eliminate them before someone else can exploit them. With Enginsight, you know exactly what’s most important to you now.

Detect and block attacks

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

With an intrusion detection system, you scan network traffic for attacks – the intrusion prevention system then blocks them. In combination, they make the invisible visible – and the unsafe safe.

Testing IT from the inside and outside

Automated penetration tests

View your IT infrastructure from an attacker’s perspective and uncover potential vulnerabilities. Check your IT from the inside and outside.

Smooth operation

IT Monitoring

Reliability is the be-all and end-all of your IT security strategy. Stay in control at all times and lay the foundation for secure IT!

Keep the figurehead in good shape

Website monitoring

Your website should always be 100% reachable and 100% secure. Fix vulnerabilities and stay up to date on utilization and availability.

Ward off malware

Endpoint Detection and Response

Detect viruses and malware before they can do any harm. You always have a full overview of what is going on on the servers and clients.

Everything at a glance

IT Inventory

Through permanent monitoring, you always have an overview of all relevant information in your IT landscape.

But now enough read!
A software is worth a thousand words.
Scan your IT now for possible vulnerabilities and pentest your IT - all included in the 14-day trial version.


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