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Enginsight Enterprise

As SaaS or Self-hosted solution. Close security risks before they become a problem and detect faults before your customers draw your attention to them.

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As Enterprise SaaS solution or On-Premises at your data center.

Never before has it been so easy to monitor entire IT infrastructures and protect them against cyber attacks. Enginsight is based on the newest technologies and offers a maximum of automation. Convince yourself of the very impressive performance and the comprehensive feature set.


Server, clients, applications, IoT or network components. Enginsight automatically captures all assets in your IT environment.


Let Enginsight take care of maintenance and cronjobs. In the event of an error, Enginsight supports you with automated actions.

Enginsight NexT™

Use artificial intelligence based on a neural network for autonomous monitoring of server and custom metrics.


See the interactions between applications, servers, and network devices in real time in an interactive map of your IT infrastructure.

Security Audit

24/7 security audit by our software. Save yourself expensive manual security audits and rely on modern IT technologies.

User-defined data sources

Include data from third-party systems. No matter whether it is KPI from your databases or sensor data from your machines.


Easily secure your entire enterprise. From the applications to the servers and clients to the networked production facility. Detect attacks in real time and automate defenses.


Enginsight NexT™ monitors your servers completely autonomously. It is no longer necessary to define monitoring rules manually. Relieve your administrators while at the same time increasing the quality of the alarms.


Inventory of all servers, clients, devices, and applications. Visualization of assets including their dependencies in environment maps. Automation of maintenance work and solutions to emerging problems.


All components of the Enginsight platform “out of the box” for your data center. Whether in combination with your SaaS account or as a pure on-premise solution. If required, we can supply you with all software components together with the appropriate hardware. With Enginsight you have maximum freedom.


Automated inventory of all devices and servers on the network, including SNMP, PING, PORT monitoring and health checks. Detect in real time when new devices are added.


Targeted penetration of all inventoried devices, servers and applications. Perform regular automated penetration testing, including audit reports.


All components of the Enginsight Server software pre-configured on your individual appliance. Operate your own Enginsight server "out-of-the-box" in your data center.

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