SECURITY for websites and online stores


Enginsight offers all necessary functions to optimally monitor websites of medium-sized and large companies. Monitor your websites and online stores 24/7 regarding availability, performance and security.

Within a few seconds you will receive your individual security check with concrete recommendations for action to avoid existing and future security gaps.

Websecurity is part of your SaaS account

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99 per month
  • The prerequisite for booking Websecurity is a valid Enginsight SaaS account, for only € 29.99 per month.
More than 20 websites?

You want to use only the Websecurity functions and have more than 20 websites? You are welcome to contact me for an individual offer.

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Web Security Features

Web monitoring

With Enginsight, you always have a live view of all the data on your website. Monitor your website from any location (observers) to get performance and uptime information.

Port Scan

Enginsight finds all accessible ports and gives you information about the services running on them. On this basis, existing security vulnerabilities are displayed.


Check your DNS settings and if there is a security relevant DNS entry with the CAA record. This way you can prevent man-in-the-middle attacks or make them much more difficult.


Proper configuration of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) header protects your website visitors from corrupted content. Clickjacking, SSL stripping and cross-site injections can be avoided.

Location monitoring

With Enginsight you have the possibility to monitor your websites or your online store from different locations and check the availability.

Checking applications

Enginsight automatically examines your website for programming languages, CMS, web servers, frameworks or libraries. And informs about existing security gaps.


Check the connection to your server and recognize at a glance whether your website is operated according to the BSI, GDPR compliant. Check certificates, protocols and ciphers and detect security vulnerabilities.

Redirects check

Verify that all redirects work as desired. This way you can make sure that when you rebuild your website or make selective adjustments, no redirection goes nowhere.

Security Reports

Receive a comprehensive, PDF exportable report on the security status of your websites and corresponding recommendations for action to close the vulnerabilities.

Invasive security scan with automated pentests

In addition to the permanent monitoring by the Observer, you should subject your websites to an automated pentest at regular intervals. Simply use the Hacktor software component, which also uses invasive hacking methods.

The automatic pentest for websites is included in the SaaS account for free.


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