Valuable functions - Full control - Anytime

Fast, intuitive, and available around the clock and from anywhere. With Enginsight, you can be productive again while we keep an eye on your IT. This saves you work, time and money.

Close security risks before they become a problem and identify faults before a customer or your boss draws your attention to them. Should there be a problem, we will find the cause in a few seconds.

Our main functions

The Enginsight platform offers a wide range of professional features that help you secure, monitor and manage your IT landscape.

Comprehensive cybersecurity suite for web applications, servers, clients, network devices, etc. SIEM system included.

Automated penetration testing for servers, network devices, and web applications. Up to date and reproducible.

Artificial intelligence based on a neural network for autonomous monitoring of metrics.

Visualization of logical IT environments as well as dependencies and communication paths.


Ready to go in just a few minutes and intuitive to use with a unique user experience. Get started right now. Enginsight makes it easy for you. After a few minutes, you will see how vulnerable your website is and recommendations for action that will help you secure your servers.


Use our powerful API for individual solutions and integration scenarios.

All functions of the Enginsight platform can be used via API.

Integrate Enginsight into existing applications or develop your own applications with Enginsight in the backend.


Generate PDF reports at any time or simply let Enginsight generate daily PDF reports automatically. For example, you have proof in your hand that your encryption was secure at all times.

You can customize the reports and add your logo, for example. As an Enginsight Partner, you also have the possibility to use white label reports.


With the Enginsight Threat Manager, you always have an overview of all security leaks in your IT landscape. The Certificate Manager helps you to keep track of all used certificates, where they are located and how long they are still valid. And the Peacemaker always shows you the most vulnerable hosts.


Easy to configure alarm system with pre-configured scenarios, which are common in the everyday life of an administrator, up to AI-supported monitoring of server metrics.

Send alarms via mail, SMS, Slack or as webhooks and define actions that are automatically triggered in the event of an alarm.

User Management

Manage any number of users without restriction via the integrated role-based user administration.


Comprehensive alarm system incl. automatable actions. Send alerts via mail, SMS, Slack or Webhooks.

Organizational Administration

Create your own subaccounts for departments, other divisions in your company or for your customers.

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