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IT Security and IT Monitoring

Fast, intuitive, and available around the clock and from anywhere. With Enginsight, you can be productive again while we keep an eye on your IT. This saves you work, time and money.

Close security risks before they become a problem and identify faults before a customer or your boss draws your attention to them. Should there be a problem, we will find the cause in a few seconds.

Used by companies that care about their IT security

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All-in-one security features

Squaring the circle? With Enginsight, you can eliminate single tools while maintaining quality and reducing costs.

Enginsight offers you the best of the worlds of IT security, IT monitoring and IT management. In doing so, we do not forego quality, but concentrate on the essential functions that are really relevant in practice for medium-sized companies. Simple, clear, transparent and always developed based on our customer needs.

Server/Client Security

Automatically obtain comprehensive security analyses for Windows and Linux servers and for your clients. 24/7 live monitoring of your systems, completely without configuration

Network Security

Host Based Intrusion Detection Systems is the analysis of network traffic. Combined with an eventlog analysis, Enginsight gives you deep insights into anomalies in your IT landscape.

Web security

By looking at your web services, websites or your online store from the outside, you can detect weak points, configuration errors or performance varnishes within seconds.

Server Monitoring

With the automatic capture of your assets, you can monitor your IT in no time without configuration. Anomaly detection using Machine Learning.

Web Monitoring

Keep an eye on your websites, online stores and web services. Within seconds you receive a comprehensive monitoring and security scan.

IP Monitoring

Creating a live inventory and classifying your assets supports your ISMS and simplifies your security compliance. Ping, Port and SNMP Monitoring.

Risk management

Risk analyses of your entire IT allow you to identify the most important construction sites at a glance. You receive a unique scoring of the security state of all assets.

Security automation

Automate your security processes. Create your own security scenarios and workflows to automate recurring tasks

Automated Pentest

Have you ever hired a hacker to test your system? With Enginsight this is very easy! Have your systems checked for vulnerabilities from the perspective of an attacker.

Product demo

Arrange a demo appointment today and we will show you how quickly you can get a grip on your company’s IT security.

Within 30 minutes you’ll learn how Enginsight can help you monitor all your IT, identify vulnerabilities and simulate hacker attacks. We show you how you too can increase the security status of your IT within the shortest possible time and what is really important in everyday life to relieve your IT staff and still be up-to-date.


Enginsight was developed according to the principle “Security by Design”. The IT architecture behind Enginsight has been tested multiple times and offers you the highest security as SaaS and on-premises. Please feel free to contact us for exact details on the IT architecture of the platform.

You can use the platform for 14 days free of charge or arrange a direct demo appointment with us. Here you can get further information.

After the test phase, Enginsight can be used as a cloud solution for as little as 10 euros per year (Enginsight GO). All SaaS prices can be found here. For an on-premises calculation please contact our sales department. Here the prices are calculated individually according to your IT size.

The entire platform is ready for use within minutes in both SaaS and on-premises versions. All analyses run automatically, so that you receive a well-founded security audit without configuration effort as well as constant live monitoring of your entire IT.

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